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Discovery Process

Learn how Segue Therapeutics leverages the Innovative North Louisiana Experimental Therapeutics program to identify repurposed drug candidates for further development

Drug discovery process

We employ novel high content imaging screens to identify candidate compounds targeting relatively unexplored pathways for the disease of interest.

High throughput technology is essential in targeted drug discovery, but high content phenotypic screening is gaining momentum in the discovery field. SegueTx can access two high-content imaging platforms:

  • IncuCyte® ZOOM quantitative real-time analysis platform by Essen BioScience is an in-house incubator that can image and analyze the data from six 96-well plates simultaneously
  • Thermo Scientific™ Cellomics™ ArrayScan™ VTI is a high-throughput, high-content imaging platform with an upgraded platform with a new high resolution CCD camera, a Dell Precision workstation and HCS studio software upgrade, as well as 40X and 63X optical objectives. The new X1 CCD camera has significantly improved quantum efficiency by 4X above the previous camera, especially in wavelengths greater than 550 nm. Not only is the X1 more sensitive to lower-energy wavelengths, but it also increases the biological field of view/capture by 50%. Both the 40X and 63X objectives with high numerical apertures allow us to visualize submicron-size cellular objects and definitively view fragmented compartments. These system upgrades have improved functionality by enhancing subcellular structure imaging in mammalian cells and in yeast.